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Die ständig wachsende Liste von inzwischen zugegebenen False-FlagsWikiLeaks: The CIA Bugs Everyone's Phones, TVs, Cars…

NSA-Whistleblower William Binney nennt die Dinge beim Namen: natürlich wurde Trump abgehört

NSA has all the data through the Upstream programs (Fairview/Stormbrew/Blarney) [background] and backed up by second and some third party country collection.

Plus the FBI and CIA plus others, as of the last month of the Obama administration, have direct access to all the NSA collection (metadata and content on phones,email and banking/credit cards etc.) with no attempt at oversight by anybody [background]. This is all done under Executive Order 12333 [the order which allows unlimited spying no matter what intelligence officials claim] ….

FBI would only ask for a warrant if they wanted to be able to take it into court at some point given they have something meaningful as evidence. This is clearly true given the fact the President Trump’s phone conversations with other country leaders were leaked to the mainstream media.

Den Bericht gibt's hier. Im Zeitalter der Massenüberwachung wäre es auch albern, irgend etwas anderes anzunehmen. Watergate ist sowas von gestern…