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Die Emirate unterstützen Syrien gegen die Türkei75 Jahre Befreiung von Buchenwald: Erinnerung und Vermächtnis

The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 - 2019

Finally, the following findings should be emphasised:

  1. There is no evidence that, at any point in GLU’s history, antisemitism complaints were treated differently to any other complaints – the problems outlined affected all complaints about whatsoever subject. Whilst the #MeToo movement and allegations concerning MPs involved in sexual harassment led to a new specifically-tailored process for such complaints, a new specific process was then introduced for antisemitism complaints too.

  2. There is also no evidence that any individual working for the Labour Party, former or current, has been motivated by antisemitic intent, nor that any complaints were ever treated less favourably because they came from a Jewish complainant or were concerned with allegations of antisemitism.

  3. There is evidence that the lack of robust processes, systems, training, education and effective line management had a significant impact upon the thorough, consistent and expedient handling of all complaints. There is also evidence that there was previously much larger scope for human error, without safeguards in place to allow for correction of them.

  4. The evidence demonstrates that, particularly from spring 2018 onwards, the Party has introduced appropriate processes, systems, training, education and effective line management to ensure antisemitism complaints are dealt with swiftly and robustly. These safeguards ensure that the past mistakes in the handling of antisemitism complaints cannot be repeated now.

Oder kurzgefasst: “Corbyn ist ein Antisemit” ist ein reines Propaganda-Lügenmärchen. Den Bericht gibt's hier (Sicherungskopie).

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