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Technischer Artikel eines Polizei-Überwachungsspezialisten über Amazons Erkennungssystem (Alexa, Ring, etc.) um Personen im Fokus von Polizeimassnahmen zu erkennen

This is a guest post by Chris Adzima, a Senior Information Systems Analyst for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

In law enforcement, it is extremely important to identify persons of interest quickly. In most cases, this is accomplished by showing a picture of the person to multiple law enforcement officers in hopes that someone knows the person. In Washington County, Oregon, there are nearly 20,000 different bookings (when a person is processed into the jail) every year. As time passes, officers’ memories of individual bookings fade. Also, in most cases, investigations move very quickly. Waiting for an officer to come on duty to identify a picture might mean missing the opportunity to solve the case.

In this post, I discuss our decision to use AWS for facial recognition. I walk through setting up web and mobile applications using AWS, demonstrating how easy it is even for someone who is new to AWS. I then show how we used Amazon Rekognition to build a powerful tool for solving crimes.

The following diagram shows the system architecture:

Using Amazon Rekognition to Identify Persons of Interest for Law Enforcement

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