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Minipax informiert in Zusammenarbeit mit Minitrue: CIMIC Field Handbook

In order to maximize success for all parties it is crucial that all sides fully understand how each partner plans and operates. On one hand, military personnel at the tactical level will carry out CIMIC tasks, directly contributing to the military effort as „boots on the ground‟. On the other hand CIMIC tasks will be carried out by personnel not directly linked to CIMIC staff functions. The planning of military action demands CIMIC input, as does all other military work within and outside of the mission area. The multiple dimensions of modern military operations are all influenced by CIMIC, as their focus is on the civil environment. Not everything in the military is CIMIC, but CIMIC can play a key role within NATO’s contribution to a comprehensive approach. CIMIC’s contribution and influence has to be visibly present at all the levels of responsibility of the Alliance.

Das CIMIC-Handbuch gibt's hier (Sicherungskopie).