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Grünen-Chefin Göring-Eckardt für “gezielte Videoüberwachung”Fragmente: Gedanken aus den Fieberträumen

“I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you.”

I’m a lecturer in computer science at Stanford. I’ve taught at least four different programming languages, including assembly. I’ve had a single-digit employee number in a startup. Yes, I’m a woman in tech.

I have known, worked for, and taught countless men who could have written the now-infamous Google “manifesto” — or who are on some level persuaded by it. Given these facts, I’d like to treat it — and them — with some degree of charity and try to explain why it generated so much outrage.

Die vielleicht beste Antwort auf das berüchtigte “Manifest”.