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Der Rote Tisch – 30 Minuten mit Zain RazaWaffen im Wert von Milliarden Dollar gegen Syrien

Suspicious Aviation Tragedies: 1961 — Ndola United Nations DC-6 crash [UPDATE: The New York Times wakes up!] [… und die NZZ und der Tagi noch nicht. VB.]

Please, keep your eyes on the ball… And remember that, as a result of the NSA–Crypto-AG deal, the US Intelligence Community could read — in real-time — all messages from the UN Secretary-General. [The Crypto-AG machine he was using at the time of his death was rigged.] Although I denounced this affair long ago, it would take almost 10 more years for BBC‘s Security Correspondent Gordon Corera to admit (jut some, not all, of) the facts.

And if spying is the second oldest profession, never forget their oldest trick. When the truth is slightly inconvenient, just throw in a bunch of silly conspiracy stories… With the hope that dumb/lazy journalists will lump all of them together… And thus burying the truth. Should the UN report suggest that Western Intelligence agencies may have had a role in the murder of Dag Hammarskjöld, it is safe to expect that such conspiracy theories will flourish…

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