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Theresa May hat genau erkannt, wer ihr grösster Feind ist: das InternetDie Saudis haben UK vor den Anschlägen damit gedroht, dass sie welche machen lassen, wenn nicht die Korruptions-Untersuchungen bezüglich des Waffen-Deals gestoppt würden

So gehts natürlich auch: “Amber Rudd shuts down my speech about arms sales to Saudi Arabia”

At a hustings in Rye on 3 June, where I am standing as an independent anti-corruption parliamentary candidate, a question was asked about law & order. Home Secretary Amber Rudd, in answering it referred to the Manchester terrorist attack. I took up the theme and referred to UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia & HSBC business there. She spoke to and handed a note to the chairman who removed the mic from me.

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