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Herzlich Willkommen bei der PR-Agentur, die sowohl J.K. Rowling als auch das “Twittermädchen” Bana vermarktet: The Blair Partnership aus London!

Bana Potter

Understanding your ambition

We take the time to understand what you want to achieve and what success looks like: creatively, commercially and culturally. We work with you to figure out the full potential and scope of your creative idea. Where do you want to go with it and how do want to see it grow? We can work with you to develop and shape your idea, message and mode of delivery.

Creating a winning strategy

The next stage is to create a strategic plan that is firmly rooted in knowledge of the different platforms and markets, whether that's publishing, television, digital, live productions, or a combination. We will identify the best partners for you to work with and what the right deal is for you. Because every client is unique we devise a commercial and creative strategy that is specifically tailored to you.

Delivering results

Once we’ve worked out the strategy, we focus on delivering results. We bring together an experienced team of experts – from creative thinkers and brand developers to deal negotiators, in-house lawyers and royalties managers. Helping you achieve your goals is important to us, so we care a great deal about results. It’s how we measure our effectiveness as a service.

Zur Homepage der PR-Agentur “The Blair Partnership” geht's hier. Man muss nur mit den richtigen Leuten arbeiten!

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