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Über Wahrheit, Lüge und dröhnendes Schweigen – ein Offener Brief von Heiner Flassbeck an Frank-Walter SteinmeierSo sieht der Entwurf der “US Cyber-Security” Executive Order aus, die Trump erlassen soll

Die Spanische Polizei hat in Salamanca und Barcelona drei Leute im Zusammenhang mit den Phineas-Fisher-Hacks verhaftet

Es sieht jedoch nicht nach einem Erfolg für die Polizei aus:

The arrests sent rumors flying because the Catalan breach had previously been claimed by Phineas Fisher, a hacker who first won notoriety in 2014 for publishing data from Britain's Gamma Group — responsible at the time for spyware known as FinFisher. The hacker or group of hackers cemented their reputation by claiming responsibility for a spectacular breach at Italy's Hacking Team in 2015.

Gamma Group did not immediately return messages left after hours. Neither did FinFisher, the Munich-based company that now markets the eponymous intrusion tool. Hacking Team spokesman Eric Rabe said he had "no special insight" into the arrests but declined to comment on whether his company was in touch with Spanish authorities.

Toni Castejon, the general secretary of the Catalan police union whose site was hit, expressed doubt that Phineas Fisher had been taken into custody.

(via @wikileaks)