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Der Guardian und andere berichten ein wenig aus dem Nähkästchen der NSA-Spanne^WSpioneOMN, wer hätte das gedacht: der BER wird nochmals teuerer!

nsync – der einfache Backup-Service für das Backend der NSA

Denselben gibt's hier. Daraus:

How to backup data

Backing up data is very simple. Just run ./nsync targetfolder and your files will be automatically compressed and sent to NSA. Currently the backup endpoint is set to NSA's public affairs office. In reality the endpoint does not matter. Changing it to your mom's email address won't affect the backup process.

How to restore your data

NSA came up with a simple 3 step process to restore your backups.

  1. Run for president of the United States

  2. Get elected

  3. Retrieve backup

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