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In den USA wird der gesamte Briefverkehr überwachtFBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”

Happy Independence Day, dear American fellows!

In a time where things getting closer to fashism in the States, here a greeting from a friend: it's your turn now!
Your state wasn't built on the unlimited power of Big Money, nor was it meant to have a president who is deciding who can live and who must die without prosecution and trial.

You once had a constitution which was paragon and exemplar for constitutions all over the planet, for many countries we once called the Free World. Once.

Because today we have to call this the past. Today your president is abusing the military to kill anybody he wants to, anytime, anywhere. Today the 4th Amendment seems to be something for a museum – it has nothing to do with reality any more. Today your constitution is a piece of paper in the National Archives. Only a piece of paper?

Well, this depends on you, dear friends! It depends on how you're dealing with this state of your States. It depends on if you just will accept that, go back to dayly life, continue to subordinate and obey. Or if you stand up now and say Nay! to your new rulers – and let Freedom ring!

Happy Independence Day!

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