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Politischer Paukenschlag: Präsident von Mexiko verstaatlicht Lithium-VorkommenGute Frage

USA: Anstieg der Fehlgeburten um das 57fache und der Totgeburten um das 38fache im Zeitraum 2021-2022.

The most stunning rises in fetal death (stillbirth) rates are seen in those geographic areas whose cultures and governments aggressively push COVID-19 vaccines in preg- nancy. There are stunning examples both in California, and Canada. In a moderate size community in Central California, a postpartum nurse Whistleblower brought to light a 1.5-page email from her Women’s Healthcare administrator who informed her that the staff was overwhelmed with an onslaught of fetal deaths.28 According to the Whistle- blower, their usual frequency was 1-2 stillbirths every 2-3 months which corresponds to the national stillbirth rate of about 5.8/1000 births based upon that community of 9000 deliveries per year.

The email noted out that in July of 2021 and in August 2022 there were 22 fetal deaths and as the administrator pointed out, these were only the cases that showed up to labor & delivery - there were probably more that were not counted as some likely showed up to other locations including emergency rooms, the operating rooms, presented to other facilities or planned home births.

Die Studie gibt's hier. (Sicherungskopie)