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Imperiale neokoloniale Widersprüche Frankreich-Deutschland in Mali – Lage in West- und NordafrikaNoch eine schöne extra Pro-Merkel-Propaganda in der FAZ: “Ja, ich will!”

Der Internationale Währungsfonds beschreibt seinen eigenen Beitrag zur Zerstörung Südeuropas

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the IMF recently published its report on the response of the organization to the European crisis. The analysis focuses on the performance of the IMF in the context of the programs for Greece, Portugal and Ireland. It provides a valuable insight into the conflicts within the IMF itself, and especially between the executive board of the organization and its management and staff. At the hearth of this conflict was the decision making process, which led to the disregard of technical judgments and internal procedures in favor of choices of political nature that were adopted in European capitals. As such, the work of the IEO offers a more nuanced understanding of the role of the IMF in the crisis than previously available. Furthermore, it provides additional arguments to condemn the structure and outcomes of the programs that led to the bailout of private creditors while simultaneously burdening public finances with debts to the tune of billions of Euros.

Den Artikel gibts hier, den Originalbericht hier (Sicherungskopie):

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