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Der Propaganda-Artikel des Tages: Debatte Direkte Demokratie – Siegeszug des PopulismusJSFuck: JavaScript enthält eine Turing-vollständige, in der Syntax Brainfuck-ähnliche Programmiersprache als Teilmenge

Motherboard behauptet, Yahoo hätte nicht nur alle E-Mails seiner Kunden an den Geheimdienst verpfiffen, sondern derselbe hätte die Yahoo-Server verwanzt

Anonymous sources told The Times that the tool was nothing more than a modified version of Yahoo’s existing scanning system, which searches all email for malware, spam and images of child pornography.

But two sources familiar with the matter told Motherboard that this description is wrong, and that the tool was actually more like a “rootkit,” a powerful type of malware that lives deep inside an infected system and gives hackers essentially unfettered access.

The rootkit-like tool was found by Yahoo’s internal security testing team during one of their checkups, according to a source.

Den Bericht gibt's hier.

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